Morning Yoga Gets You Moving

April 23, 2019
Morning Yoga Gets You Moving

Tired of waking up in the morning, and not having any “get up and go”?

Tired of feeling stiff, achy, and barley able to move?

Maybe yoga is for you.

Try these 5 easy yoga moves, first thing in the morning.  They are guaranteed to give you that bounce in your step, and that “get up and go” energy.

Easy Seated Twist

  • Begin in a seated position with arms relaxed on either side of you.
  • Take right hand to the ground and place behind your sacrum. Rest your left hand on the right knee.
  • Inhale and lengthen spine. On exhale, use your hands to twist your torso to the right.
  • Breathe here for 5 to 10 deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.


  • Start on all fours with hands under shoulders and knees under hips.
  • Inhale and look up with an arched spine, rolling shoulders away from ears for cow.
  • As you exhale, press the floor away with hands and knees, and round your spine like an angry cat.
  • Do at least 5 complete breath cycles (5 inhales/cats and 5 exhales/cows).

Low Lunge

  • Begin in down dog. Round your right knee toward your nose and step your right foot in between your hands.
  • Lower back knee down to the ground. Crawl your hands up onto your right thigh, bringing your spine upright.
  • Reach your arms up on either side of your face and reach your chest up and back, finding a slight back bend.
  • Interlace all your fingers except the forefingers, which point straight up for venus mudra.
  • Breathe here for 5 to 10 deep breaths, switch legs and repeat.

Chair Twist

  • Begin standing with big toes together, outer edges of feet parallel. Bend your knees and sink your hips back like you’re sitting down in a chair.
  • Reach your arms high, framing your face. This is chair pose.
  • Inhale here to lengthen through your spine. On your exhale, take your hands together at the center of your chest in a prayer position.
  • Twist to the right, placing your left elbow outside of your right thigh, looking up over your right shoulder.
  • On your next inhale come back to chair, and on your next exhale do the same twist to the left. On your next inhale, come back to chair.
  • Repeat this, linking your breath to your movement for 1 minute at a quick, steady pace.

Camel Pose

  • Begin in a high kneeling position with hips over your knees so your weight is supported by your shins and the tops of your feet.
  • Tuck your toes and place your palms on your sacrum (fingers face up or down, whichever feels better). Draw your elbows in to one another so that they aren’t winging out.
  • Keep your thighs rotating inward and pull your shoulder blades toward one another.
  • Look to the ceiling as you lift your chest upward. Release your hands to your heels and arch your spine.
  • Tip your head back to keep the whole spine in extension (skip this step if you have neck pain). Hold here for 5 to 10 deep breaths.

It has been proven, that having a healthy morning routine helps increase your metabolism and increase your overall health. Yoga helps regulate your sleep patterns and balance your hormone levels. By doing the stretching exercises, you’re helping prepare your body for that day activities, and will help prevent injuries and achiness throughout the day.

After a few weeks of doing these simple stretches and poses, you will find that it all becomes a habit for you, and your mind, body and spirit, will thank you for keeping your body healthy.