Medek Nationwide Hiring Campaign

June 30, 2019
Medek Nationwide Hiring Campaign

Medek has launched a nationwide hiring campaign for Independent Sales Directors.

Medek Health Systems has developed the Medek app – now available through the Google Play and the App Store. Medek is a telemedicine company that provides 24/7 access for urgent care, pediatrics and dermatology.  This is a private, on-demand healthcare provider network (think concierge).

Through Medek’s affiliate marketing endeavor, a grass-roots movement of Independent Sales Directors is being created to especially help small business owners to provide some form of healthcare. The cost of health insurance has been cost-prohibitive so that even when it is offered, most employees are unable to participate.

This private on-demand healthcare app makes it possible for small companies to offer a way to improve their employees’ quality of life. By making immediate, quality healthcare more accessible, which can increase employee retention and productivity.

Family subscriptions are only $39/month and companies can enroll their employees for under $20/month – which includes all dependents in the household under 26. The virtual visit is $10 and Employers can choose to pay for the visit (Premium) or let the employee pay (Standard).

If you are interested in learning more about this Independent Sales Director opportunity, contact our National Recruiting Director at 352.735.3797 or