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Free healthcare for small business…alternative to health insurance. Yes you heard that right. At Medek our number one goal is to keep people healthy while still remaining affordable. Our healthcare providers can treat the majority of ailments that someone might go to their primary care. That’s why we’re making it easy for small businesses to offer a “team doctor” benefit to their employees.

Any business that signs up will receive 5 memberships absolutely free* That’s right no questions, no gimmicks, just free healthcare for small business access for 5 of your employees. A $1,200 value.

*There is a one-time $1.19 processing fee”

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Providing Real Free Healthcare Benefits to Employees and Employers - No Health Insurance

Offering a free healthcare benefit increases recruitment & retention

Immediate treatment leads to healthier employees

Healthier employees are more productive

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Ready to get 5 employees set up for no cost? Sign up for the Medek First 5 program (memberships) absolutely free* i.e. free healthcare for small business for one year

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Medek we believe in transparency. Our membership fee for healthcare access is $20 per month per employee, but for the First 5 employees that membership fee is 100% waived for the first year i.e. Free Healthcare

So how do we make money? We believe in the value of our service and that you will want to sign up more people and keep it for many years to come!

There is a one time $1.19 set up fee for the employer. Beyond that charge, there are no other fees for the 5 free memberships i.e. free healthcare for small business. Employees who use the service must pay $10 per doctor visit.

No Medek is not health insurance. Medek is a telemedicine service that provides private, on-demand healthcare. Medek treats up to 80% of what you typically see a doctor for. Medek providers can diagnose, recommend treatment, and write prescriptions.

For small businesses under 50 employees Medek is just $20 per month per employee. This also covers the employees spouse and children under the age of 26. The Medek membership allows employees to see a doctor and receive prescriptions for only $10 per visit.

Our providers are U.S. based healthcare professionals including MD, ARNP or PA. They must be licensed in your state for them to treat you. Medek providers are also NCQA certified ensuring you get the highest degree of care.

You may choose to start paying for your employee’s membership at $20 a month for the five free employees or you may opt to end the service.

When you sign up, your employees will receive a message to download the Medek app on their smartphone or tablet. You will have the ability to add as many or as few employees as you would like. No matter what, the First 5 memberships are free for a year i.e. free healthcare and no health insurance.

When your employees feel sick they simply reach for their smartphone and request a visit through the Medek application. Within 30 minutes a MD, ARNP or PA will call to perform a visit over the phone. Your employees may receive treatment advice, a prescription, or a diagnosis.

For the First 5 promotion there is no contract i.e. free healthcare plans Simply sign up and cancel at anytime.

As you can imagine giving away unlimited numbers of free memberships is not sustainable. As such, we have a maximum number of companies that we can offer this promotion to. There are no guarantees for the length of time this promotion will last.

Absolutely. Each additional employee after the First 5 are only $20 per month per employee (which also covers all dependents in the household that are under 26). There is also an additional $40 discount available to an employer who opts to pay for the year subscription (only $200 per employee)

Absolutely. Medek allows you to easily add, remove, or transfer any of your Medek memberships.