Healthcare without the Costs

Offer telemedicine benefits that keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive

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Keep Your Best Employees

We understand healthcare is expensive for employers.

We also understand how important is to retain your best employees.

Medek healthcare telemedicine allows you to give both full and part time employees the benefit of healthcare without the expensive price tag.

By offering Medek you can lower your healthcare costs, increase productivity, help recruitment, reduce “sick” days, and increase retention.

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Telemedicine for your Business

Offering Medek healthcare benefits for your employees eliminates the need for a time consuming and expensive doctors visit.

Instead of calling in sick to visit the doctor, employees with Medek can speak to a doctor on the phone saving the company time and money.

Employees win because they feel appreciated by the company.

Employers win because they save money with increased productivity.

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Health Ship

Employee Benefits in Five Minutes

Setting up your company takes less than five minutes. Your employees can be covered with Medek today.

Step 1. Choose your plan type

Step 2. Enter the Employees you want to cover

Step 3. Your team is covered

Yes, its that easy to give your employees the ability to see a doctor 24/7365

Increase Retention

Increase Retention

Having some form of healthcare has been proven to increase employee retention, especially for employees that may not be offered health insurance.

Reduce Health Costs

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Medek allows employees to see a doctor* anytime. Faster recovery means less absenteeism and higher productivity.

Better Recruitment

Better Recruitment

Medek treats 80% of the reasons to visit the doctor* making it a powerful recruitment tool for employees desiring a health benefit.